Stop! Don’t Buy Organizing Storage Bins Yet!

seamless moves organizing services downsizing seattle bellevue greater puget sound area washington waHappy New Year! Did you make a resolution to “Get Organized” in 2015? If so, you’ve likely noticed that every store in town has storage bins on sale to help you. Big bins, small bins, wicker baskets, totes with lids, boxes and organizers of every color to match your mood or décor…

We must caution you, however, not to run out and load up on storage bins…yet! Before you know how many, what kind(s) and what size(s) will work for you, you have to know what you’ll be storing, where and for how long.

First, you must do your homework (or home work). Go through your closets, drawers, pantry, closets, etc. Throw away the trash, give away useable items, contact consignment and estate sale professionals to sell valuable items for you. All that should remain in those areas [and, really, throughout your home] are things you need, use and love.

If you need help to get this project started, or a few extra hands to make it go quickly, call us at Seamless Moves.

Once you have completed your sorting/downsizing, you’ll know what you need the storage bins to contain and the amount of space you have to store them. We recommend you don’t store important papers or things made of fabric in cardboard moving boxes.

Next, decide whether your containers need to be stacked on each other or placed on shelves. This will tell you whether they need secure lids and what sizes they should be in order to fit on those shelves.

NOW… you may hit the storage bin sales!

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