Our Moving Services

SEAMLESS MOVES is your ONE point of contact for a fast, efficient Seamless Move. Your SEAMLESS MOVES Project Manager will manage all the vendors you need: furniture movers, storage providers, estate sale professionals, handyman service, cleaning or trash removal services, donation and pick-up of unwanted items, etc. Your customized moving experience begins with a complimentary in-home consultation to determine the steps necessary to meet your moving goals and timeline. You choose the services you need from a full package of moving services:


The first step to a Seamless Move is to understand what will work in your new (or newly remodeled) home and how your everyday routine will change. Furniture placement and storage space are almost never the same from one home to another. A visual layout of your new home can help you decide what will and – equally important – what won’t work in your new home. SEAMLESS MOVES will evaluate your current storage and organizational needs and provide recommendations for storage and furniture placement before you move.


Specialized packers and custom crates will be utilized for your most treasured items. Whether your belongings are packed by our experienced, trained staff or another service provider, we will oversee and ensure that they take the greatest of care with your belongings.

Direct the Movers on Moving Day

Does it matter what gets packed in the moving van in what order? YES! SEAMLESS MOVES will ensure that the movers load and unload your belongings for maximum safety and time efficiency, place your furniture in your new home according to your wishes and unload boxed items in a logical sequence for efficient unpacking.


Our signature “Out of the Box®” service! Your entire home, or an individual room, can be unpacked, organized and everything neatly put away. Our caring staff will provide the highest level of efficient, confidential service for you and your family.
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seamless moves complimentary consultation moving services senior relocation downsizing organizing estate dispositionFind out just how easy it is to enjoy a Seamless Move! Whether you need a trusted professional to manage your entire move, or a few extra hands for a few hours.


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