SEAMLESS MOVES®, formerly Out of the Box® *, is your ONE point of contact for... a Seamless Move!

Falling in love with a new house, condo or apartment is the easy part, but it is rare when a move doesn't also change some aspect of your lifestyle and daily routine. SEAMLESS MOVES® excels in transferring your current belongings into your new or newly remodeled HOME quickly, with minimal disruption to you.

While your moving details are being scheduled and implemented by the most experienced, trusted, hands-on move management professionals in the Northwest, you continue your routine: go to work, keep appointments, even take a vacation! Your belongings will be handled with care and confidentiality by a fast and efficient team committed to providing YOU with a Seamless Move.

Can YOU Benefit from a Seamless Move?

  • Is your regular routine so busy that you don’t know when you will find the time to move?
  • Do you need to relocate for a job and begin work right away?
  • Is attending to your families’ activities a better use of your time than stressing out over the details of moving?
  • Are you planning to remodel your home?
  • Is your family disorganized and overwhelmed from your recent (or not so recent) move?
  • Do you have a physical limitation that prevents you from lifting or standing for long periods?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions,
call SEAMLESS MOVES® right now!


*SEAMLESS MOVES® has been serving the Puget Sound area for more than six years under the name OUT OF THE BOX®. We changed our corporate name in January 2010 to more accurately reflect the comprehensive nature of our services, but our signature unpacking service is still known as Out of the Box®.

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