If you’re traveling for a business trip, to a wedding or class reunion this summer, you’ll want to look your best even though you’re away from home. How do you maximize suitcase space without wrinkling everything in the process? Martha Stewart offers these tips for foolproof wrinkle-free packing:

Suits, dresses and blouses can be stuffed with tissue paper and placed in a plastic dry-cleaning bag before going into a travel garment bag. The tissue keeps the fabrics from crushing, and the plastic reduces friction so clothes can settle into their natural shape. When folding sweaters to put in a suitcase,  lay them out flat and place a piece of tissue paper before folding. Remember, the fewer folds the better.

Layering is another way to keep clothes wrinkle-free. Layer garments over one another so each layer pads the next. For example, begin with a pair of pants folded over the bar of a hanger, then hang a sweater around it. A silk shirt can go over that, and a jacket over the shirt. Slip on a plastic dry-cleaning bag last and place the whole thing in a garment bag; or fold, and set into a suitcase.

Keep delicate clothes from wrinkling by overlapping them around cushiony items like sweaters and knit shirts. Place the top half of a pair of pants in your suitcase, for example, smooth a sweater over that, then fold the pant legs up over the sweater. Never fold clothes more times than necessary to fit them in a bag — once across the middle should be enough for most sweaters and blouses.

Tightly roll softer, wrinkle-resistant garments like T-shirts and cotton pants and place them along the base of the bag. Jeans should be rolled, too. Bonus: TSA officials can more quickly inspect the content of your suitcase if clothes are ordered in rows.

Wear your bulkier items on the plane or in the car so they don’t take up precious luggage space.

What’s your best travel packing tip?

Thanks to Stuart Miles of freedigitalphotos.net for the photo