Today we are featuring a guest post from one of our partner companies, Continental Van Lines. This family-owned business has been moving people and businesses to and from Alaska since before it was a state, making them an undisputed authority on winter moving. Here are some great tips for your winter move:

Moving during the winter offers its share of setbacks and hazards. Think of Seattle or Tacoma, those beautiful cascading  hills and narrow cozy streets. In the wintertime, rain, ice, and sleet can turn that gorgeous landscape into a driving nightmare, especially for large moving trucks. So if you’re considering a winter move, careful planning is necessary for your relocation to go smoothly. The difficulties of almost all winter moves can be reduced by following a few simple steps. Your winter moving authorities at Continental have compiled a list of tips that will simplify your transition during cold weather. To get ready for a winter move, always:

  • Prepare Your New Home

Clear the snow from your driveway and salt all walkways so your movers can deliver your belongings safely. Make sure that the heat and electricity are turned on and work – you won’t want to go without them on your first night in your new home!

  • Plan Ahead, Allow for Setbacks

A professional Seattle moving company will know how to reduce setbacks on moving day, but the unexpected may still occur! Allow for extra time, and be sure to ask your movers if there are any separate fees due to weather difficulties – you don’t need any surprise charges ruining your day.

  • Keep Liquids Separate

Keep liquids separate from your other belongings so you don’t have frozen soda cans exploding during transit and damaging your great-grandmother’s precious armoire.

  • Let Your Electronics Adjust

Be sure to allow your electronics adequate time – usually a day – to adjust after a winter move. Using your TV or computer immediately upon arrival at your new home can cause expensive, unnecessary damages.

Continental Van Lines and Seamless Moves will get your items safely to your destination and reduce setbacks along the way. Contact them today for more information on our unbeatable services.