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When buying storage tools, closet organizers, racks and other storage equipment, keep in mind that they cost money and take up space. Building, adding on or arranging for more storage is like buying a bigger size when you start gaining weight. Example: When our closet is loaded, shoes are running over the threshold. Do we sort and unload and get rid of the foot-pinchers or the ankle-breakers? No, often we go out and buy a shoe storage unit. The problem isn’t gone, it is just out of sight.

Don Aslett, author of “For Packrats Only,” offers these humorous things to consider when we are tempted to add an organizer or storage unit:

  • Cedar chest: A fragrant way to protect things you never wear.
  • Garment storage bag: oxygen tent for dying dresses and comatose coats.
  • Pegboard organizer: an ingenious way to keep unused things in plain view.
  • Movie library: A way to store movies you’ll never want to see more than twice.
  • Desk organizer: A chance to slip things into a slot before ignoring them.
  • Toy box: A receptacle for broken toys.
  • Drawer organizer: A way to add something plastic to the stuff rattling around in there.
  • Sewing basket: A decorative enclosure for three or four things you use occasionally, surrounded by snarled thread, unraveling bias tape, antique hooks and eyes and tangled zippers.
  • Whatnot: A handy place to put things you ought not to have bought. :-)

The message here is that many things we purchase with the hope of getting organized are just innocent pieces of plastic, wood or metal; they don’t organize anything. We are the organizers. We’re the ones who have to have some  discipline to keep the closets and cupboards tidy.

Of course, if you’d like some help with your de-clutter or purging project, Seamless Moves is here to help!

Our thanks to Bill Longshaw of freedigitalphotos.net for the image.


Ever look at a well-dressed woman and think to yourself, “She looks great in that scarf! I should wear my scarves. Where ARE my scarves?”

Out of sight, out of mind. If you can’t see them, you probably won’t wear them. Your scarves should be easily accessible. If it is a chore to find a scarf, there is a good chance you won’t wear it. Likewise, if it is too much trouble to put it away, it may not get put back where it belongs.

We recommend using a tie or belt rack that can be purchased at any organizing store or website. They are simple, inexpensive and your scarves will be easy to see and select when you get dressed. You can also try hanging them from over-the-door clothing hooks (sometimes used for bathroom towels), arranging them in a decorative basket on your dresser or closet shelf, or our previously featured over-the-door organizer.

They are beautiful, after all; that’s why you have them. Show them off!