Admirals House, Magnolia area of SeattleOn Friday we feature homes for sale by our clients and/or Realtor partners as a way to add value to their Seamless Moves moving experience. Enjoy!

Today we are pleased to bring you the distinctive Admiral’s House in the Magnolia neighborhood in Seattle, WA. A stunning combination of notable architecture, remarkable history and unparalleled location. Situated on 3.89 acres above Smith Cove, this unique 7,316 square foot, 8 bedroom, 4.25 bath residence takes in unobstructed Southwest views of Downtown Seattle and the Puget Sound as no other home in Seattle can. 

This premier 3-story gated estate has enjoyed an extensive and refined history as housing for the Admirals of the Navy since World War II. The house is designated as a City of Seattle landmark and is nominated for listing on the National Register of Historic Places.

The listing price of this home as of today’s date is $3,200.00.

If you are a Luxury Home Realtor or home buyer interested in this property, you may view it here or MLS#429053 or  by contacting the seller’s agent

Staci Baldwin 206-499-1242.