As if moving to a new home isn’t stressful enough, add in a baby or toddler and you can have REAL chaos and life can be downright EXHAUSTING!

Thanks to Baby Zone for some helpful hints on making the move easier:

Get Help: Enlist the help of friends, schedule some play dates to help you get things done. Or (shameless plug), you can call Seamless Moves and we’ll pack up for you while you take the kids to the park.

Help Your Child Feel Secure: Even if you think that your baby can’t understand, talk to him. Using simple phrases, such as, “The truck is coming today,” or “Soon we’ll be driving to our new home.” An infant will  be reassured by the tone of your voice, even if he can’t understand your words.

Make the Move Special: Having a favorite Elmo doll or well-loved afghan on hand can go a long way toward helping your child settle in to a new home. Try to pack up your child’s room last and unpack it first. Consider including a surprise box containing new toys and knick-knacks for your child to open along with her familiar belongings.

Moving can actually be fun for toddlers. Empty boxes offer hours of excitement. Children can decorate the moving boxes with colored markers or watercolor paints. With a little imagination, large boxes can be turned into castles, cars, or firehouses.

The Day of the Move: Moving day will be frantic no matter how well you’ve prepared. If at all possible, have someone watch your children at another location. Kids can get hurt or lost among piles of boxes and stacks of furniture. And having a rambunctious toddler on the loose is one thing you just don’t need when there’s an enormous moving van jockeying around your driveway.

Remember to set aside some key items that you and your children will need in the short term. Pack a separate bag for your shampoo, brushes, makeup and an extra change of clothes for yourself, along with pacifiers, bottles, and can’t-live-without toys for the kids. Even if you’re only moving across the street, hand-carrying these essentials to your new home will ensure that you won’t have to unpack endless boxes looking for a precious blanket.