September 3rd is National Skyscraper Day and to commemorate this day we are offering some tips for moving into a new home that’s only accessible through an elevator-or worse, several flights of stairs.

Move fewer things – One of the best tips for moving into a condo or apartment, particularly a small one, is taking less with you. That means fewer trips up and down several floors on moving day for you or the moving company.

Reserve a luggage cart –  Most buildings have luggage carts ready to help moving tenants, but they may not offer them unless you ask. You will need to speak to the building’s manager or Concierge to reserve a cart before moving day. If they don’t have one available, you can rent a hand truck or moving dolly from a storage or moving company such as U-Haul. It will make your moving day go much more quickly than attempting to carry one or two boxes up at a time.

Reserve the elevator - Some buildings use freight elevators for moving, so that residents are not inconvenienced. In most cases, you must make arrangements with the building manager or Concierge to reserve a day and time in advance to use those elevators.

Locate the recycling area - If you unpack your moving boxes yourself, you’ll need to find your building’s recycling area when you’ve finished. One benefit of hiring an unpacking service is that they will remove the boxes for you. Which brings up this tip: 

Hire help – Whether you are moving to a condo or an apartment, moving into or out of a home several floors off the ground may pose too much of a hassle for you to achieve alone. Professionals like Seamless Moves can arrange the all the details for you. We believe moving should be made as simple as possible, with no hidden costs or surprises.

So, why is National Skyscraper Day on September 3rd? No one knows for sure, but it stands to reason that it has something to do with it being the birthday of Louis H. Sullivan, the architect credited with building the first skyscrapers.

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