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Come to the Senior Health Fair Friday, September 5th, 2014
9:00 am – 1:00 pm
Valley Medical Center, Medical Arts Center, 1st Floor
4033 Talbot Road S., Renton, WA 98055

  • Free Admission
  • More than 30 exhibitor booths, including ElderMove Alliance
  • Educational seminars held in the auditorium
  • Free parking and shuttle service
  • Complimentary refreshments

As we reported last week, seniors are making the move to new homes or new locations for a variety of reasons. Change of Address offers some additional suggestions for the increase for the increase in senior mobility.

Snowbirds – As seniors start going south for the winter on a regular basis, they make connections in those areas and decide to move there to be closer to their new friends. They like the warm weather and get tired of living in two locations and having to maintain both places.

Experience new places – Now that they are free from working and are still healthy, it is a good time for retired seniors to take the plunge and live in a location they have always thought they would enjoy.

New vocation – Retirement income may not be sufficient to support some seniors in the lifestyle they desire. In this situation, they may relocate for employment opportunities.

Live near their children – Some may be tired of traveling to see their children and grandchildren and want to become part of their lives on a more regular basis, so they choose to live nearer to them. Others need the help of their children so they can stay in their home if they begin to fail physically or mentally.

Assisted living or nursing care becomes a necessity – Sadly, this is probably the main reason seniors change addresses. They can no longer take care of themselves at home so they make the hard decision, or it is made for them, to move into an environment where care is readily available.

Making the move to a new home or location, whether the decision is made from choice or out of necessity, is a big decision for senior citizens, despite how common it’s becoming. It can be very stressful to leave a home where one has lived for 30, 40, even 50 years.

Of course when seniors are downsizing and/or making a move, Seamless Moves  is ready to help!

As a society we have become more mobile, and that includes our senior citizens. More and more retired people are uprooting out of their long-time homes and moving around the country; something that is vastly different than in the past where most people stayed  in one place for years.

Change of Address suggests a few reasons for the increased mobility:

Downsizing – Larger houses become too much to take care of and “empty nesters” don’t need as much space as they once did. Some people have lost spouses and may choose to eliminate much of their furniture and other possessions. With fewer possessions, they end up choosing to downsize their living space.

No More Yard Work – Moving to an apartment or townhome gives the added benefit of having a grounds manager who will maintain their yards so they can still enjoy them without doing all the work themselves.

Retirement communities  – 55+ communities offer more affordable housing options and amenities which are right in their  neighborhood such as pools, exercise rooms, planned activities and sometimes a golf course.

Travel – Some seniors have chosen to sell almost everything, live in a RV and travel around the country. There are opportunities for retirees who live in campers to work as hosts at campgrounds and ski resorts, which give them a place to stay plus a little extra income.

Of course when Seniors are downsizing and/or making a move, Seamless Moves is ready to help!