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T-Shirts Before

Do or your children you have a disorganized T-shirt drawer? Maybe your t-shirts are well-folded but stacked on top of each other in the drawer, making it difficult to see which one is which.  Here is Seamless Moves’ super-secret “Out of the Box” professional organizing tip so that you will quickly be able to find just the right t-shirt to fit the occasion.

As you may know, there are many ways to fold a t-shirt. For this tip, you will need to fold your t-shirts “store display” style, in other words you lay it on its front, fold both sides in to about the 1/3 mark, then fold the t-shirt in half. Depending upon the depth of your dresser drawer, you will either need to fold it in half again, or fold it in thirds instead of half. Make sure you can see some of the writing and/or picture on the top third and fold of the shirt.

Note: For a really fun, easy way to fold t-shirts, see videos on YouTube such as How to fold a Shirt in 2 Seconds or you can buy a plastic shirt-folder thingie from just about any garage sale in town.

Now here’s the big secret—ready? Don’t lay the t-shirts on top of each other in your drawer, stand them up on end with the neck opening facing down like this:

T-shirts After

What? Aunt Millie is on her way over? Where is that cutsie cat t-shirt she gave me? (Open drawer, look, grab = 3 seconds), “Hi, Aunt Millie. What? Oh yes, I wear this all the time; such a thoughtful gift!” And just think how quickly your kids will get dressed for school.


Well, it’s official. You’ve 1) bought a new home; 2) been hired for a new job; 3) gotten married/merged households; 4) kids have left home and you’d like to downsize, or 5) many, many other reasons (some happy; some, unfortunately–not so much). And now you have to M-O-V-E. Uggghhh! All of your precious, favorite, special belongings now have to be shoved into boxes and trucked across town or across the country. Could anything be worse?! Remember what a horror it was LAST TIME? Why can’t you just snap your fingers and it would all be done? (Actually, you can if you have a Project Manager such as Seamless Moves, but that’s not the point of this post.)

I was surprised to find that the often-cited Holmes and Rahe Stress Scale lists ‘change of residence’ at only 20 points out of 100. Of course changing your residence, as noted above, is usually the result of another life-event. For instance, a marriage is assessed at 50 stress points, a major mortgage is 32 points and retirement is 45 points. And those are considered ‘good stress.’ ‘Bad stress’ such as death of a spouse (100 points) or divorce (73 points) are assigned significantly more stress points. Added together, you can see why moving can be a major headache for most people.

Pour yourself a cup of peppermint tea, sit down and take a breath; you’ve come to the right place. In the next few weeks, we’ll share some tips that we’ve acquired/developed over the last dozen or so years that you’ll be able to use when you move (or when your friends or family co-opt you into helping with their moves!). We hope you’ll add your tips to ours so we can all help each other to have a more Seamless Move!

We’ve changed our name to Seamless Moves!

Move after move, our clients have told us how delighted they have been with their stress-free moving experiences. Our new name more clearly defines the benefit YOU receive: “SEAMLESS” meaning, “harmonious and smooth; having no awkward transitions or interruptions…” Doesn’t that sound like a heavenly way to move?

A sincere THANK YOU to our loyal clients, employees and referral partners. It is because of you that we have been able to grow over the last six years and to provide an “Out of the Box” moving experience for families of all sizes and situations. Whether you’re moving within or relocating to Seattle, Bellevue, Mercer Island, Redmond or anywhere in the greater Puget Sound area, we look forward to working with you, your family and friends on your next Seamless Move!