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A representative from Seamless Moves will present downsizing tips and ideas on Tuesday, March 27th, and other speakers will present the latest on the local real estate market, choosing a retirement community and how to hire an estate sale company. No cost to attend this seminar–and lunch is on us!

Each Friday we feature homes for sale by our clients and/or Realtor partners as a way to add value to their Seamless Moves moving experience. Enjoy!

Today’s Friday Featured Property is a stunning new 3-story, 5,599 sq ft. home nestled in the heart of charming west Bellevue, just minutes away from downtown and beautiful Medina Park. It has 5 bedrooms, 5.5 baths, a movie theater, wine cellar, 3-car garage and, one of my favorite features: a fireplace in the master suite. As of today’s date, the listing price of the home is $2,895,000.

Lochwood-Lozier Custom Homes builds and remodels homes in the greater Seattle area with an emphasis on Bellevue, Yarrow Point, Clyde Hill, Medina, and Hunts Point. Their customers regularly cite their attention to detail, integrity, quality and passion for excellence when describing a home purchase or remodel experience. We would add that in our experience, they are genuinely nice people and easy to work with.

This home is located on a cul-de-sac with only 3 other homes and is in the Bellevue School District.

If you are a Luxury Home Realtor or home buyer interested in this property, you may view it at http://bit.ly/Lozier or MLS# 104844 or by contacting the seller’s agent, Steven Erickson, at 206-295-8485.

Today we debut a new weekly post which will feature homes for sale by our clients and/or Realtor partners as a way to add value to their Seamless Moves moving experience. Enjoy!

Our inaugural Friday Featured Property is a private park-like 3.47 acres once owned by Eddie Bauer as the site of his former hunting lodge in Redmond, WA. In addition to the lovely 7,200 sq. ft. home, there is a full-sized indoor tennis court, an 8-stall horse barn with an office and storage areas, a riding arena, approximately 70 one-year-old grapevines, and a dahlia cutting garden/vegetable garden. Both the barn and tennis court can be income-producing, if desired, and the property consists of two parcels that could be subdivided, should the new owner wish to do so.

The current owners raised their children in this home and entertained friends with both indoor and outdoor sports and celebrations. They also raise beautiful, sweet-tempered Gypsy Vanner horses and take pride in decorating their home for the holidays. It’s hard to pick a favorite part of the property, but I particularly enjoyed the view of Bear Creek just a few feet away from the full-length deck, where I’m told you can clearly see schools of salmon when they return to spawn.

If you are a Luxury Home Realtor or home buyer interested in this property, you may view it at: http://bit.ly/MNolan or MLS# 65715 or by contacting the seller’s agent, Maureen Nolan, at 206-200-9849.

This week I got to be my own client as our remodeled bathroom and kitchen became “done enough” for us to move back into our home. After living with friends for 8 months (yes, they are GOOD friends!), my beau and I have a renewed appreciation for our little corner of the world and couldn’t wait to resume our “real lives” back in our own home. In spite of our friends’ over-the-top hospitality, I have felt a bit discombobulated regarding my normal home and business routines.

As I was wiping off construction dust, putting away dishes and hanging the shower curtain, I realized just HOW important having a comfortable and functional “nest” is for my physical and emotional health. I got to thinking that whether old or young, rich or poor, 900 square feet or 9,000, we are all alike in that need.

I realized that daily I get to help people who are moving THEIR nests and that it is my and my team’s passion for doing this work that keeps us going. I understood why our clients sometimes focus on what might seem minor details to an outsider, but are of utmost importance in their lives and why our inclusion of any detail that is paramount to them sets a Seamless Move apart from a routine one.

Why do we take a picture of a senior’s family photo wall or of papers and items on the table next to their TV chair? Because those are the important things for us to replicate to maintain continuity from one home to the next. Why do we unpack and set up the bedroom for a special needs child before any other room in his new home? So he and his mother can watch videos while we unpack the kitchen. Why do we visit The Container Store so often? So we can better advise our clients regarding organizing solutions. (OK, you caught me–The Container Store is fun!)

One of the things I particularly remember about my friends’ and my military relocations was how important it was to set up our new homes as quickly as possible to lessen the stress on children and spouses whose routines have been disrupted by moving across the U.S. or to a foreign country.

My mother jokes that when I was a child she could never punish me by sending me to my room because I would happily rearrange the furniture, reorganize my bookshelves or clean out my closet. After 13 years in this business, it surprised me to have an “aha moment” this week when I realized that the reason I founded the precursor to today’s Seamless Moves was because having a comfortable, cozy, functional nest is SO important to me that I wanted to help others to have the same.

How about you? How important is YOUR nest?

Merrill Gardens Island House

How can you move free to Mercer Island?

Just select your apartment at Merrill Gardens Island House, 7810 SE 30th St., Mercer Island and move in by November 15, 2010 and they will pay for your Seamless Move! Both independent and assisted living apartments are available on a month-to-month rental basis; close to medical services, shopping and restaurants. Never mow your lawn or shovel snow again!

Enjoy their Anytime Dining served restaurant style, hair salon/barber shop and full activity program. Small pets are welcome.

Contact Caryn Shivley, Community Relations Director, for details at
(206) 236-0502.

The Lakeshore on Lake Washington

We are pleased to announce that two more Era Living Properties are offering new residents a no-cost Seamless Move. Move into The Lakeshore (on Lake Washington in South Seattle) or The Gardens at Town Square (Bellevue) by August 31, 2010 and get up to $5,000 credit towards your Seamless Move.

Shopping Near The Gardens at Town Square

Just think: professional help assisting you and your family to plan and decide what to move and what to do with things you are not moving. Someone to pack, move, unpack and put everything away in your new apartment while you direct us or relax with your new friends. We even hang your pictures!

A Seamless Move can be accomplished in just a few days, even if you have lived in your home for 30, 40 or 50 years. “Impossible!” you say? We’ve been helping folks just like you for over 12 years.

For information about The Lakeshore, please contact Marlene Williams at (206) 772-1200.

For information about The Gardens at Town Square, please contact Sharon Howell at (425) 688-1900.

Exciting news for anyone planning to make a move to a retirement community: Move into University House Issaquah by August 31, 2010 and get up to $5,000 credit towards your Seamless Move. This is your chance to get the highest level of moving services for the lowest possible cost–possibly even free!

University House Issaquah, an Era Living property, is located on the Sammamish Plateau. It has 185 apartments ranging from studios to three-bedroom penthouse suites. Elegant interior design and comfortable surroundings are abundant. Residents enjoy chef-prepared meals, weekly housekeeping, scheduled transportation and much more. Other amenities include an indoor pool, exercise room, hair salon and many planned social activities. University House Issaquah provides residents with an involved way of life which is enriched by the connection with the University of Washington Retirement Association (UWRA) and the resources of the University of Washington.

Please contact Kathleen Beers, Community Relations Director, (425) 557-4200 for more information.


Last time you said, “Never Again!” Remember?

You took a week off from work; begged, borrowed and scavenged from the liquor store as many cardboard boxes as you could source, packed up all your cherished possessions and loaded them in the U-Haul van; goaded 2 of your strongest friends into helping you muscle the hide-a-bed down 2 flights of stairs (and then had to patch the ding they made in the wall); made 6 trips to your new home; cursed at those too-small those liquor store boxes that don’t stack worth beans; jammed your furniture and boxes into the garage; and barely made it back the rental office before midnight to avoid being charged an extra day’s truck rental.

But you saved money, right?

Three years later, you still have unpacked boxes in that same garage and it’s time to move again. Really?? Can your back take it? Is your wife pregnant with baby #2 and #1 is already a full-time job? Will the only other person left in your department after the recent layoffs cover your job for a week as well as theirs?

or This??

We invite you to picture this:

Monday morning: You go to work as usual. When you come home, everything is packed up and ready to move EXCEPT the coffee maker, your personal bathroom items, what you want to wear to work tomorrow and the TV and remote. Hmm, mildly annoying, but not too bad.

Tuesday morning: You go to work, but instead of going home to your old home, you go to your new home. The furniture has all been placed where you want it and your bed is made. The coffee maker, your personal bathroom items, what you want to wear to work tomorrow and the TV and remote are unpacked and in place. Your bedside alarm clock has been set 10 minutes fast, just the way you like it.

Wednesday morning: You go to work again, only tonight when you come back to your new home there are no boxes (no paper, no crates, no bubble wrap!). All of your belongings have been unpacked and put neatly away. Your paintings, artwork and decorative items are unpacked and ready for your decorator (or ours) to place in their new locations tomorrow.

Thursday: Decorating day. When you come home tonight, you feel like you’ve lived there for years. You change your clothes and go watch your child’s soccer game.

Friday/Saturday/Sunday: Relax and enjoy your Seamless Move! Have a housewarming party; invite friends over and brag about how you got it all done in less than a week (we won’t tell!). No back ache, no calling all over town several weeks before you move to source boxes, trucks, labor, etc. No wondering what is falling through the cracks at work or at home.

Relax! We’ve done this before. Hundreds of times. We would LOVE to help you and your family, too! Just tell us what you need, and we’ll do the rest.

Beautiful!! Rhodies outside the Seamless Moves Admin office window.