To-do lists are one of many activities people use to become more productive and ensure nothing falls through the cracks. There is something about checking off an item that makes you feel even more productive. offers up 7 tips that can apply to just about any type of to-do list you may use in your life.

1. Pick a system that works for you: There are many to-do list systems, from software, to online apps, to good old fashioned pen and paper. Question: Which is better a paper or electronic to-do list? Answer:  whichever you will actually use.

2. Start with a brain dump: Start by writing/typing every possible task that comes to mind.

3. Use verbs: Every task item should be a specific act you need to do, so start everything with an action verb, i.e. clean out files etc.

4. Prioritize: Once you have your list created, look at each category and mark items that are of the highest priority.

5. Make a realistic “today” list: To avoid having a massive list facing you every day, it can be helpful to schedule tasks and create time-based lists – today, this week, this month, etc.  Be realistic about what you can accomplish in that time period.

6. Schedule weekly time for the un-doables: Items listed as lower priority tend to drop down to the bottom of the list. You may find that you end up with a growing list of low-priority tasks that you keep rolling over from week to week. Scheduling regular time to act on these items will help you keep your list clean and current (and get rid of the things you’ve been putting off).

7. Be flexible and willing to adjust: Once you’re setup, avoid thinking of your system as being set in stone. Keep an open-minded perspective on how to organize and manage your list in order to give it a chance to morph as necessary.

There’s no need to make To Do Lists from scratch, you can get some To Do List Templates here

Of course, ultimately it becomes time to stop listing the things you need to do, and start DOing them!