Need more space or some organizing help?  Here are 5 cool space saving ideas:

Tie colorful ribbons from gifts you’ve received around sheet sets so individual pieces don’t stray. That way, you’ll never have to waste time hunting for matching pillowcases again.  Thanks



A hanger every closet needs.

From Maillardville Manor 




Shoe Ottoman  from the Improvements Catalog – A shoe-in for both beauty and versatility! Place the Shoe Ottoman at the foot of your bed where it’ll serve as a comfortable bench for sitting or holding your bedspread. Lift the ottoman’s anti-slam hinged to find a roomy storage area with 20 shoe pockets around the sides, plus room in the middle for sweaters, accessories, or extra blankets.





Scarves stay put on this organizer that hangs on your closet rod or any hook. No more scarves slipping off a hanger or hook, cascading to the floor or getting wrinkled. Credit:



Beautifully Bella Faith gave us this nifty idea. No room for towels? Try hanging baskets on the wall!





Of course if you’d like some help organizing to save space, Seamless Moves is here to help :-)