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What is invisible clutter? It’s the stuff in our home or office that has been sitting where it is now for so long, we literally just don’t see it anymore. Maybe it’s something we use all the time so it’s just easier to leave it out, but if it’s in the way, put it away!

How do you see invisible clutter? Stand at the entrance to the room and notice what your eye is drawn to first. Is there a pile of children’s homework on the dining room table? Are there more discarded shoes, hats and mittens in your foyer than your family could wear in a month? If you need help, ask a relative or family friend to look at your room with a critical eye towards seeing things that are out of place, or take a photo of your room. You may be surprised what you see!

Grouping similar things together makes sense when you need to find them. Find a cupboard or drawer close to where you use the item and put it there. If you simply must leave it out, put it in a basket or other organizing bin. If you’re really NOT using those items, find another home for them; give them away or recycle them. Invisible clutter makes your home look messy and causes stress…so spend a few minutes and tackle one area today!

Of course, if you need some help, give Seamless Moves a call a let our team of “Clutter Busters” help you clear out the clutter.

How about it readers, have you suddenly noticed “lurking invisible clutter” in your space?

Thanks to ClutterBug.me for the inspiration

“Spring is here! The Masters Golf Tournament is right around the corner, but my garage is such a muddle that I can’t reach my golf clubs.”

The garage is where we toss everything that doesn’t have a place in the house. Although you have plenty of room, sometimes it can look like an obstacle course. If you find yourself using your garage as if it were a public storage unit, here are some organizational tips.

Time ~ Set aside enough time to work on the project. Try to plan for a dry weekend, because you’ll have to pull many items out of the garage. If you want the project to go quickly, with a minimum of  disruption to your regular  routine, hire an expert or round up a team of helpers. Otherwise, it may turn into an overwhelming task that will be abandoned halfway through.

Assess the clutter ~ Start by creating three categories: keep, donate, and toss. Discard items that haven’t been used within two years. Once you know which items that will live in your garage, begin grouping them into categories. Only after this step will you know the correct sizes and types of containers or bins to buy to store your things in.

Pick plastic storage bins ~ Cardboard boxes, no matter how strong, bend and dent with frequent use and eventually succumb to dampness. Waterproof containers protect their contents better, seal tighter, and are easy to carry or move.

Think Visibility ~ Consider metal shelving such as those sold at Costco. It’s affordable, easy to assemble and you can add wheels if you want it to be movable. Ventilated shelves also allow visibility and prevent dust and dirt from collecting. If necessary, store items in clear boxes or bags to keep them clean. Give anything that is not easily identifiable a clear label.

Overhead Storage ~ The area above your garage doors may be wasted space. An overhead storage rack is great for out-of-season storage and Holiday decorations.

Keep it at your fingertips ~ Assemble a quick-fix kit consisting of a hammer, screwdriver, nails and screws and keep it near the door to the house so you can access it easily for quick fixes.

Now back to those golf clubs… The standing organizer above would be at home in any well-appointed garage, or this wall-mounted system could turn your golf bags into a piece of interesting art.

We asked a golf pro where is the best place to store our golf clubs. Should we keep them in the trunk of the car? His recommendation: Is to avoid keeping your clubs in the trunk of your car, for any length of time, the temperature changes and  jostling can cause damage.

Did you know that proper storage and well maintained golf clubs may even improve your game? :-)

Ever look at a well-dressed woman and think to yourself, “She looks great in that scarf! I should wear my scarves. Where ARE my scarves?”

Out of sight, out of mind. If you can’t see them, you probably won’t wear them. Your scarves should be easily accessible. If it is a chore to find a scarf, there is a good chance you won’t wear it. Likewise, if it is too much trouble to put it away, it may not get put back where it belongs.

We recommend using a tie or belt rack that can be purchased at any organizing store or website. They are simple, inexpensive and your scarves will be easy to see and select when you get dressed. You can also try hanging them from over-the-door clothing hooks (sometimes used for bathroom towels), arranging them in a decorative basket on your dresser or closet shelf, or our previously featured over-the-door organizer.

They are beautiful, after all; that’s why you have them. Show them off!

In the What’s New and Cool category, check out Wall Candy Arts patented peel-and-stick Chalkboard Decals and Dry Erase Decals that turn any wall into a writeable surface. They are removable, reusable and repositionable. Use a regular eraser or a paper towel to start fresh. Peel, stick and remove without a trace. Great in home offices and children’s playrooms!

The Chalkboard Decals come in fun shapes such as stars, hearts, circles, cupcakes, elephants and rococo. The Dry Erase panel decals are like a regular whiteboard; easy to use and clean.

The wall decal kits contain enough removable, reusable peel and sticks to transform a plain space into a sophisticated haven without making a mess. They are as simple to install as a sticky note and can be easily rearranged numerous times.

Find them at WallCandy Arts (affiliate link).

What would you use yours for?

T-Shirts Before

Do or your children you have a disorganized T-shirt drawer? Maybe your t-shirts are well-folded but stacked on top of each other in the drawer, making it difficult to see which one is which.  Here is Seamless Moves’ super-secret “Out of the Box” professional organizing tip so that you will quickly be able to find just the right t-shirt to fit the occasion.

As you may know, there are many ways to fold a t-shirt. For this tip, you will need to fold your t-shirts “store display” style, in other words you lay it on its front, fold both sides in to about the 1/3 mark, then fold the t-shirt in half. Depending upon the depth of your dresser drawer, you will either need to fold it in half again, or fold it in thirds instead of half. Make sure you can see some of the writing and/or picture on the top third and fold of the shirt.

Note: For a really fun, easy way to fold t-shirts, see videos on YouTube such as How to fold a Shirt in 2 Seconds or you can buy a plastic shirt-folder thingie from just about any garage sale in town.

Now here’s the big secret—ready? Don’t lay the t-shirts on top of each other in your drawer, stand them up on end with the neck opening facing down like this:

T-shirts After

What? Aunt Millie is on her way over? Where is that cutsie cat t-shirt she gave me? (Open drawer, look, grab = 3 seconds), “Hi, Aunt Millie. What? Oh yes, I wear this all the time; such a thoughtful gift!” And just think how quickly your kids will get dressed for school.