There is no doubt that summer is the prime time for moving. Summer is also garage/yard sale season. It’s as American as apple pie – people love to go to garage sales in the summer, so it’s the perfect time to have one. Whether you are planning a move, or need to de-clutter to get ready to sell your home, why not make some money while getting rid of unwanted items?  No matter what the reason, garage sales are a great way get rid of things that you longer use.

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Although you no longer want or need something, doesn’t mean that someone else won’t treasure it. Even if you only have one item left from a set, such as one glass, one plate or one candlestick, make sure you put it out for sale. People are always on the hunt for pieces that are unique or missing from their own collection. If you have some things that you think aren’t worth selling, try putting them out as “freebies.”

Popular sale items include: baby and children’s clothing and toys, cds, kitchenware and appliances, books/magazines, craft supplies, linens, tools and sporting equipment.

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Of course, if you’d like some help with your de-clutter or purging project, Seamless Moves is here to help!

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