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Here’s a “hot” idea for storing your hair appliances that may still be too warm to put away in a cabinet or drawer when you are finished with them from Dream Green DIY.

Use a metal file box! Brilliant, right?! They’ve attached it with 3M Command Hooks so as not to drill holes in the vanity. 

One comment on the post suggested the file box could be spray painted a more pleasing color. We agree and would add that if more than one is needed for multiple bathroom users, they could be color-coded.

Thanks to Carrie Waller for this great tip!

margin-left; 5px; margin-right: 5px;Believe it or not, researchers in Britain have found the exact time when people feel the most stress during the week: Tuesday at 11:45 am. This is when the reality of all you need to get done for the week hits you and you realize you’d better get into gear. Tuesday is the true workhorse day of the week.

To help relieve stress, Erin R. Doland, author of “Unclutter Your Life in One Week” offers up Tuesday as the day you unclutter your papers, your files, your bathroom. and streamlining your household chores. A BIG day, no wonder Tuesday is a stressful day! Today let’s talk about some of the items in the bathroom. Have you ever noticed, things tend to come into bathrooms and never leave: shampoo, lotion, brushes, decorative soaps, pain relievers, cough medicine?

One suggestion on how to avoid bathroom clutter: Buy the small size. Did you realize that lotion has an expiration date? Expired lotion feels like a slimy mixture of sour milk, and day-old hamburger grease on your skin. UHG! The ingredients in lotion, shampoo, conditioner, hair styling products, facial cleansers can deteriorate over time and cause the product to go bad. The plastic containers they’re stored in also start to break down, and the chemicals from the plastic interact with the contents inside. So think small, you may be okay with ginger-scented shampoo in the summer, but in the fall you might want a cedar-scented product.

News Flash: You should NOT store medicine in your bathroom cabinet. Highly humid and hot environments (like your bathroom) can degrade and damage your medicines. Susan Martin, a pharmaceutical chemist, explains that it is similar to holding a piece of hard candy in the palm of your hand; it will get gummy after a few minutes. The moisture from your hand (your sweat) chemically changes the candy. Unlike with candy getting gummy in the palm of your hand, it can be difficult to know when a chemical change has taken place in your medication. Who knew?

One more thing…when you are getting rid of the clutter and  expired medications or vitamins DO NOT FLUSH or put down the sink. You can get more information about appropriate disposal from the FDA here.

Now for the dessert part of De-Stressing...here’s a yummy recipe for German Chocolate Cake that will satisfy you and your Gluten-Free friends. Enjoy!