Red Pin on Google Map

Last week, I entered a potential client’s address into Google Maps to see where they were located. Nice neighborhood, very nice house, wait… what is that in the driveway? I clicked on the Street View photo and saw a white business truck with big red letters that read, “Got Rats?”

What if I were a potential buyer of that home??

May we suggest adding another box to your checklist for readying your seller’s home for sale—Check the Google Map listing!!

Suppose you find something your clients would rather not have shown in the photo–children, car license plate, expensive bicycles—maybe the garage door was open? While still in the address search of the property, click on Report Problems on the bottom of the Google Maps page. A window will pop up that says Report Inappropriate Street View. You can request that people, cars, objects or the entire home be blurred. Provide an email address and submit a Captcha, and you should receive a note from Google in a few days letting you know they have received your request. If approved, it will take a few more days for the database to be updated.

In case the request is not approved, at least you will have a ready answer and not be blindsided by questions you didn’t know were coming.

Now to decide if we want to pack belongings in that client’s home…!