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This week I got to be my own client as our remodeled bathroom and kitchen became “done enough” for us to move back into our home. After living with friends for 8 months (yes, they are GOOD friends!), my beau and I have a renewed appreciation for our little corner of the world and couldn’t wait to resume our “real lives” back in our own home. In spite of our friends’ over-the-top hospitality, I have felt a bit discombobulated regarding my normal home and business routines.

As I was wiping off construction dust, putting away dishes and hanging the shower curtain, I realized just HOW important having a comfortable and functional “nest” is for my physical and emotional health. I got to thinking that whether old or young, rich or poor, 900 square feet or 9,000, we are all alike in that need.

I realized that daily I get to help people who are moving THEIR nests and that it is my and my team’s passion for doing this work that keeps us going. I understood why our clients sometimes focus on what might seem minor details to an outsider, but are of utmost importance in their lives and why our inclusion of any detail that is paramount to them sets a Seamless Move apart from a routine one.

Why do we take a picture of a senior’s family photo wall or of papers and items on the table next to their TV chair? Because those are the important things for us to replicate to maintain continuity from one home to the next. Why do we unpack and set up the bedroom for a special needs child before any other room in his new home? So he and his mother can watch videos while we unpack the kitchen. Why do we visit The Container Store so often? So we can better advise our clients regarding organizing solutions. (OK, you caught me–The Container Store is fun!)

One of the things I particularly remember about my friends’ and my military relocations was how important it was to set up our new homes as quickly as possible to lessen the stress on children and spouses whose routines have been disrupted by moving across the U.S. or to a foreign country.

My mother jokes that when I was a child she could never punish me by sending me to my room because I would happily rearrange the furniture, reorganize my bookshelves or clean out my closet. After 13 years in this business, it surprised me to have an “aha moment” this week when I realized that the reason I founded the precursor to today’s Seamless Moves was because having a comfortable, cozy, functional nest is SO important to me that I wanted to help others to have the same.

How about you? How important is YOUR nest?

After dinner with guests is over, I love to do the dishes with Mrs. Meyer’s Clean Day brand dish soap which smells SO GOOD! They call it aroma therapeutic, which is an understatement; the dish soap is just the sneakiest way to add some holiday aromatherapy to your evening.

The holiday scent this year is Orange Clove and it’s a great way to clean up before or after entertaining and make the house smell delicious at the same time. Whenever possible, they use materials from renewable plant resources such as palm, coconut, corn, soy, and olives and all their liquid products are biodegradable. I also recommend their candles and hand soaps, which would make great holiday and hostess gifts!

Lindsay Loeffler, Seamless Moves Team Member

Ed. Note: We are not an affiliate seller of Mrs. Meyers Clean Day and have not received any free products. {But we’d be happy to give out our mailing address should anyone want to send some over ;) }

As the holiday cooking season begins, I do an inventory of my herbs and spice jars to see if all are filled and fresh. Frustration can set in and crash the party mood as you reach for that key ingredient, usually a spice or herb, and it is down to the nubbin. Freshness is also paramount. Why buy fresh ingredients for our cooking, then add a year-old spice or herb to the recipe?

Purchase good quality dried herbs and spices at affordable prices from stores that sell in bulk like Whole Foods, PCC Natural Markets or Fred Meyer. Using the small bags provided, filling up is easy and you may enjoy a few moments of aroma therapy. Returning home, I replace the old seasonings in my jars . . . and all of a sudden, with a twitch of my nose and a twinkle in my eye, the kitchen is a holiday wonderland!

Happy Holidays,

Cecilia Sullivan, Seamless Moves Team Member

For your viewing enjoyment, we proudly present Seamless Moves’ Signature “Out of the Box”® Unpacking Service:

Unpacking Team In Action!

With an enormous thank-you to our clients, friends (and Realtors®), Mary Juhl-Willard and Rich Willard for letting us film in their lovely home. The awesome Unpacking Team in the video: Cheryl McIvor, Jan Screen and Lindsay Loeffler.

A day of unpacking makes a great wedding gift, thank-you gift from Realtors® or job relocation perk. Before YOU move, think “Out of the Box!”