One of the perks of our business is the great people we meet and have the pleasure to work with. Today we’d like to tell you about our clients, Kathryn and Clayton.

Their goal was to make the move from their house to a condo as stress-free as possible for themselves and their special needs son, Connor. Moving can be particularly disruptive for children. Factor in a special needs child and a smooth transition becomes critical.

“After the movers left the boxes, Seamless Moves unpacked the kitchen and made up all the beds, which made my life so much easier,” Katherine says. “But most importantly, they made the move a much easier transition for Connor. They unpacked his room and made sure it was set up just the way it was in his “old” room.”

Here are a couple of tips from Katherine for moving with a special needs child:

“It has helped us to talk about it as a positive experience and ‘an adventure.’ However, talking about it too much or giving too many details/information too soon may just raise anxiety levels, as in my son’s case. Once you know where you are going to move, take your child to the new house so they can have a picture of it in their mind. I took my son to the new house about a week or two before the move. We also took a photo of the outside in case he wanted to talk about it. He had it in his backpack so if need be the school staff could talk to him about it as well.

A huge tip: Hire a moving company and an organizing company – they work incredibly well together! My son is now 20 and we’ve moved 2 times in his life. Both times I’ve done it this way and it’s made it easier on all of us! On moving day, when the movers arrived at our new home, Seamless Moves was there and immediately started unpacking. The team was professional and careful to make certain everything was set up the way we wanted.

I suggest that the child be somewhere else on the day of the move, if possible, so they don’t have to experience all the commotion of the physical move. Whatever part of the house is their ‘safe special place’ at the current home is the area in the new house that should be set up first. Having familiar things around them similar to the current home should help keep anxiety lower. To my son, this place is his bedroom. Once his room at the new house was set up (exactly like our old home) his grandma brought him over and I was able to greet him, and excitedly take him to his ‘new/old’ room.

Seamless Moves’ service is incredibly valuable to a busy family and it made such a difference to our son.”