Cardboard triangle-shaped packing materialWe were recently introduced to a green packing material alternative, ExpandOS (and we in Western Washington are eager to protect our environment). They are triangle-shaped pieces of recyclable cardboard that make styrofoam packing peanuts obsolete.  ExpandOS create a protective cocoon around each item in your box and eliminate damage through better blocking, bracing and shock dispersion. When you’re finished with them, just toss the ExpandOS in your recycle bin and you are done!

They are made from first-quality post-industrial waste and come in 3 strengths, depending upon how much weight you need them to hold.  ExpandOS has been tested and proven a winner against the most stringent industry (ISTA and ASTM) standards and can be personalized with a company’s logo, if desired.

People often ask them what happens to all the holes they punch out to make the ExpandOS. They recycle them, of course! 

For more information, see their website at: