Do you know who Bartolomeo Cristofori ? The name might not be familiar but his impact on the world is everlasting and continues to be a vital part – almost a necessity – of arts and culture. Cristofori is the inventor of the modern day piano, an instrument that plucks strings of varying frequency using a keyboard. Centuries later, we continue to acknowledge the piano as an influential instrument that has shaped every musical genre that has come and gone and continues to be used by popular artists.

If you need to move a piano, it must be done with great care. Remember, pianos are not only heavy, they’re awkward. Upright pianos can weigh 300 to 800 lbs. and carry all their weight in their top half. Their legs and feet can be fragile, so you’re going to need a few extra hands to help. 

Professional piano movers are likely to charge a flat rate which would be calculated based on the size and weight of the piano, the distance it is to be moved, the level of difficulty involved (including whether it has to go up or down stairs), the time it will take to move the piano, and any waiting time that might be involved.


If you’re set on moving the piano yourself, click here for tips from and WikiHow to help you.


Each time a piano is moved, it will need to be tuned. While pianos are heavy objects and seem pretty solid, their inner workings are sensitive to movements and bumps. A professional tuner will have it sounding perfect again. Be sure to budget for not only moving your piano, but also keeping it in playing condition.

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