What is invisible clutter? It’s the stuff in our home or office that has been sitting where it is now for so long, we literally just don’t see it anymore. Maybe it’s something we use all the time so it’s just easier to leave it out, but if it’s in the way, put it away!

How do you see invisible clutter? Stand at the entrance to the room and notice what your eye is drawn to first. Is there a pile of children’s homework on the dining room table? Are there more discarded shoes, hats and mittens in your foyer than your family could wear in a month? If you need help, ask a relative or family friend to look at your room with a critical eye towards seeing things that are out of place, or take a photo of your room. You may be surprised what you see!

Grouping similar things together makes sense when you need to find them. Find a cupboard or drawer close to where you use the item and put it there. If you simply must leave it out, put it in a basket or other organizing bin. If you’re really NOT using those items, find another home for them; give them away or recycle them. Invisible clutter makes your home look messy and causes stress…so spend a few minutes and tackle one area today!

Of course, if you need some help, give Seamless Moves a call a let our team of “Clutter Busters” help you clear out the clutter.

How about it readers, have you suddenly noticed “lurking invisible clutter” in your space?

Thanks to ClutterBug.me for the inspiration