A year or so ago we posted this article about recognizing when it may be time for our grandparents and parents to move from their home, and so in honor of “Grandparents Day” (September 8th; we hope you celebrated with your Grannies and Pop-Pops!),  we thought we would share it again as a reminder and for those who might have missed the post.


“Move? Are you kidding? I’m planning on staying right here in my home for the rest of my life!”

Sound familiar?

We called upon Senior Housing Coordinator Stan McKenzie of A Change is Afoot Senior Housing Consultants, to share some sage advice and tips to help out when our parents or grandparents need to move. Stan says:

“As a senior, it is strange to think of moving from the home you have lived in for eons. Unfortunately, the time comes when a good many of us have outlived the old homestead.  An interesting reality check is how many rooms you really use in the house. Most of us end up using our bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and the room where the TV is.

Safety is the primary reason for moving. As we age, the risk of falling or injuring ourselves around the house is real. Push button pendant alarms are great if we are conscious. A lot of home injuries happen when we pitch forward onto our noggin.

Reality checks that get us to think of moving come in different ways:

  • For some, the branch on the backyard lawn that has been there for two years is an indication that although the mind is willing, the body just isn’t;
  • For others it is the day when the housecleaner, yard maintenance, window washers and gutter cleaners all come on the same day;
  • For most, it is a catastrophic event that forces our families to make the decisions for us.

When reason finally out-maneuvers emotion, the first decision is: where to move? I know, you were thinking “get rid of the stuff first”…..not true.  Unless you know where you are going and the size of the place you are moving to, you may be getting rid of too little or too much stuff.

The wisest way to do this move is to start with a Senior Housing Consultant (shameless plug). Yes, they exist, and those who have been in the business for a few years know the senior housing market. Put your wallet away–they won’t charge you. They contract with dozens of communities and are paid by these communities.

Just a few years ago, there were very few choices in senior housing. Now there is a cornucopia of choices. It is much easier to narrow the options if a professional is involved. Also, they know the history of the communities and the potential issues. Experience will give you answers to these kind of questions:  Are the residents truly happy and offered a variety of activities? Is there a high staff turnover? Is the food consistently good? Do they have financial problems? If I don’t like it there, am I locked into a long-term contract? How much upfront money does the community require?”

If you have questions about helping mom and dad move, contact Stan McKenzie -Orthopedic PA-ret, Senior Housing Counselor at A Change is Afoot ~ 425-577-2929.