“Travel now is not always easy and with the advent of charges for every extra little thing including checking a bag, a lot of people now travel with a carry on.  For a week-end trip this is no problem; when you are staying for a week or longer this is a challenge!  However, there is a way to make packing efficient and stress-free and still look fabulous!” says Fiona Skelly of Styling You Fabulous.

Here are a few of her tips to assist women in selecting a concise vacation or business trip wardrobe that should take you from casual to dressy and in between!

  1. Select a BASE color – Hopefully you know what neutral color works best for your skin tone, hair and eye color – it will most likely be a shade of grey, brown or black.  So select your best color and make this your base.
  2. Select your BASE pieces – Again this will come down to your personal style and the pieces that you know fit and flatter your body type and lifestyle.  Probably these will consist of a well-fitting pant or legging, an easy to wear dress that can be dressed up or down, a blazer or cardigan and a pair of jeans or shorts depending on weather at destination.
  3. Seasonal adjustments – Obviously, if you are going to a hot climate, your pieces will consist of natural, breathable fabrics – cotton, linen, silk, etc.  If you are traveling to a cold climate, think wool, cashmere, leather, etc.
  4. Layers – If you are not sure of the climate, pack for warmer weather with layers that can be added to accommodate colder spells.
  5. Shoes – The rule here is never take more pairs of shoes than days you are on vacation.  The key is to be practical – take at least one pair of comfortable walking shoes and a ‘dressy’ shoe for evenings out or more formal events.  If you are traveling to a cold weather destination, make sure to wear your boots while traveling–they take up too much space to pack!
  6. Travel outfit – This should be comfortable and stylish-yes,  it is possible to achieve both!  My ‘go to’ travel outfit is a pair of comfortable jeans, a t-shirt, cashmere sweater and blazer or cardigan.  I also always pack a pashmina in my travel tote.  Obviously, the weight of these items will vary according to the climate of your destination.  
  7. Color – You should pick 2 or 3 accent colors to add to your base pieces; again this will depend on YOU and what your most flattering colors are.  Pieces to add to your base should include: a simple but elegant t-shirt (long sleeve and short sleeve), a flirty cami style top that can turn your jeans or shorts into an evening outfit, a blouse that can be worn buttoned up for a more formal/dressy event or opened up to be worn as a jacket alternative over t-shirt or cami, and  a scarf in the colors you have selected to pull together outfits.
  8. Jewelry – I would keep this simple, a pair of hoop earrings in both silver and gold are always very useful.  If you have some fun earrings and bangles in your colors, add those into the mix. I usually try on my outfits and if there is a particular necklace or piece of jewelry that really enhances the outfit, I will take it.
  9. Outfits – This takes a little bit of time to begin with but is well worth it.  Think about your schedule and activities, write down the days of vacation and put together an outfit for each day and evening event you know about.  Make sure you are utilizing each piece several times; hopefully you will have facilities to launder between events.  If not, take a tube of travel detergent with you to launder and hang to dry in your bathroom.
  10. Travel Tote – You are allowed one carry-on case and a personal item – make sure this is a large tote.  You will have plenty of room for  your book or Kindle, iPad, cell phone, water bottle (buy this after security), wallet, Pashmina, socks (slip these on to walk through security or use for sleeping on the plane), headphones (better to take your own than use the airlines as they are often re-used!) hairbrush and your bag of cosmetics/skin care.
  11. Cross over bag – Take a small bag in your base color that you can use for all your outfits. It should be able to hold your passport, credit cards and cell  phone.
  12. Flexibility – Obviously, plans change and unexpected events can occur, but with the base pieces and color pieces you have added you really should be able to mix and match your items to ensure you are always looking fabulous!
Our thanks to photostock and freedigitalphotos.net for the photo.
For more help and advice or to find out your body type, colors and best style for you please contact

Fiona Skelly at 206-788-7718.