Do you get cold feet when thinking about a de-clutter session? Are emotional ties and guilt diluting your ability to be ruthless and strong? If indecisiveness sets in, here are some guidelines that may help.

It is Junk if:

  • it’s broken or obsolete (and fixing it is unrealistic)
  • you’ve always hated it
  • using it is more bother than it’s worth
  • it wouldn’t really affect you if you never saw it again
  • you have to clean it, store it, and insure it (but you don’t get much use out of it)

If you can check off one or more of the above truthfully, then it’s probably junk. Go ahead and Pitch it.

It’s NOT Junk if it:

  • generates love and good feelings
  • will do something you need to have done
  • has significant cash value
  • gives you more than it takes
  • will enrich or delight the coming generation

If you can check a few of the above comfortably, then it’s probably not junk- enjoy it and feel good about it’s place in your life.

Age, sentiment and “I may need it someday” all have their legitimacy. Think about a fire extinguisher as it hangs there for twenty years- it’s not the latest style, it’s ugly, it’s never used, it costs money to have checked and re-checked- but it’s certainly worth having when it’s needed once in that twenty years.

Our thanks to ‘Clutters Last Stand,’ by Don Aslett for his ideas and humor.

Photo image courtesy of  Keerati at