Have you found that browsing food blogs has replaced flipping through colorful cookbooks? You may have several cookbooks and use only a handful of recipes out of each book. With the computer readily available, you may find yourself turning to your cookbooks less and less and ultimately deciding that you’d rather have the free space than storing the cookbooks.

When is it time to say goodbye to a cookbook?

Keep the cook book if:

  • You have actually used three or more of the recipes in the cookbook in the past year. Even if you use your cookbooks regularly, there are probably a couple you could de-clutter to make space for more!
  • It’s a classic
  • Specialty cookbook i.e pies, appetizers etc.

Sure, keep your favorite cookbooks that you refer to often, but if you’re only interested in one or two recipes, you don’t need to buy the entire book. Lots of online sites offer collections of free recipes. Try epicurious.com, AllRecipes.com and Cookstr.com to find and keep track of recipes that you’d like to try out.

Check out the library’s collection. You can check out the ones that interest you and put stick note tags on any recipe that you’d like to try. Photocopy the tagged pages at home or when you return the book to the library. If you REALLY fall in love with a library cookbook, you can buy it for yourself.

You can also create a notebook in Evernote or Pinterest with recipes you’d like to test. If you don’t like them, you can always delete them. And, if you decide to keep them, you can create an digital cookbook using Evernote Food.

Making the decision to de-clutter is never easy, but be sure to ask yourself the hard questions as you consider each cookbook so that you’re only keeping those that you truly value.

Do you have a cookbook you would NEVER part with? Which one and why not?

Photo image courtesy of Stuart Miles at Freedigitalphotos.net