Want to jump-start your laundry-room de-cluttering? Try these fast tips from Ellen Phillips’ book, “Kick the Clutter.”

Ditch dried-up detergent. If you have boxes of powdered detergent, borax and bleach that have hardened to concrete-like consistency, stop deluding yourself that they’re still usable and throw them out.

Let go of lost socks. If you have a collection of partner-less socks and gloves, now’s the time to bid them adieu. You can bag them up to donate to Seamless Moves’ Lost Sock Day Clothing Drive (watch for details in a couple of weeks).

If you can’t get it out, throw it out. If you have a pile of stained clothing waiting to be cleaned- but you have cleaned it, tried spot-remover, bleach and everything else you can think of and the stains are still there–those stains are there to stay. Bundle them up and give them to Northwest Center, Goodwill, the Salvation Army, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, or a shelter. Don’t worry, these won’t be sold as usable clothing. Non-profits often sell these beat-up clothes as rags to companies who recycle them.  Then, pick a good spot-removal guide likeTalking Dirty Laundry with the Queen of Clean.

Circular-file the fabric softener sheets. No matter how many times you’ve heard there are 150 ingenious uses for them, if you’re hoarding used fabric softener sheets, throw them out! If you’re using them regularly, you’ll have one on hand when you need to soften the burnt-on food in that casserole dish.

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