When we blogged about moving with a cat it required a 2-part blog post to cover what to consider. Moving a dog is a much simpler job. Our first thought was, “What’s the big deal? Just put the dog in the back of the car and go.” Basically that is correct, but here are a few tips that may help reduce the stress for you and your dog.

Visit ~ If possible make a few visits to the new home. Let the dog explore all parts of the house and property.

Hire a Dog Sitter ~ Take the dog out of the chaos of movers and boxes and the trips in and out of the house.  This will reduce the anxiety of wondering what is happening.

Favorites ~ Before bringing into the new home have his blankets and favorite toys ready and waiting for him.

That’s about it…If you are looking for a few laughs check out this humorous dog moving story here.

How about you? Any dog moving stories to can share?